Autumn Fires

October 7th - 11th, 2021

Autumn Fires celebrates the changing of the seasons with bonfires, local music, feasting, drumming, activities, and ceremonies.

Hestia, photo by Aaron Dye

Highlights of the event include pumpkin carving, pit kiln clay making, Stone Soup potluck, nightly bonfires at Pawpaw drum and dance fire circle, performances at the Green Man tavern, fire spinning, and more!

If you have ideas for a workshop or programming that you would like to share, or for more information on offering a workshop, please fill out a Workshop Application form. We will only be allowing a limited number of workshops. Applications are due by September 1st, 2021. Vending applications are also due on September 1st. Read more about vending here.

This year, we are offering an extremely limited number of work barter slots. In addition to free admission, work barter participants get additional benefits, and the opportunity to join a great team and make the magic happen! Apply to become a work barter participant here. You MUST fill out a work barter application to be accepted for work barter. NO EXCEPTIONS! The deadline for Autumn Fires work barter applications is September 1st, 2021.